So you've decided to join the Novus community. Awesome. To create your account you will need to verify your identity which you can do in a matter of minutes using a valid identity document.

Here are the main steps to be taken:

  1. You will be asked to take a photo of the front and back of your ID

  2. Then you will be asked to record a short video of yourself and pronounce a sequence of 3 numbers

That was it from your side. Now we will need some time to verify your identity and officially invite you to our impactful community. 🌟

To learn more about the need for identity verification, click here.

✨ Tip: Make sure no glare is detected when taking the pictures of your identification document as it might result in a failed identity verification attempt.

πŸ“ Note: The identity confirmation process usually takes a few minutes but can occasionally take up to 24 hours. If the process is not completed within 24 hours of initiation, please get in touch with us via the chat in our Help Centre or

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