You can report a new incident from your mobile app.

To report an incident:

  • Tap Report, located to the right of the SOS icon.

To complete the  process of reporting a new incident, you need to provide the following information:

  • Incident location

  • Incident type

  • Incident details (where relevant)

Note: Some of the features described below may not appear as they are permission dependent. If you do not have any of these permission, contact your system administrator.

The following features are permission dependent:

  • Changing the incident location

  • Self dispatch

  • Auto dispatch

Reporting the Incident Location

By default, the new incident screen opens, showing your current location as the incident location. If you have the required permissions to set another location address, you can do so now. If you do not have permissions to set another location for the incident, the location tool appears slightly transparent and the function to change the location address is disabled.

To change the reported address:

  1. Tap the Location tool to change the reported address

2. Enter the incident's correct address in the Location field.
As you start typing the app auto-completes various location options from which you can select the desired location.

The new address appears in the Location field.

3. To reload your current location, tap the Location tool and it will reset automatically.

Reporting the Incident Type

The next step in reporting an incident is to advise the dispatch operator of the type of incident you are reporting.
To report the incident type:

  1. In the Incident Details area locate an incident from the list of incident types predetermined by the organization. If you organizations has numerous incident types, use the Search tool (magnifying glass) to locate the required incident type.

2. Tap the desired Incident icon to select it.
After selecting the incident type  the app returns to the Incident Details screen.

Reporting the Incident Details

If the incident type selected has a form assigned to it, you may be requested to complete the incident details before reporting the incident to the dispatch operator. You are not always required to submit incident details when you report an incident, but in order for the dispatch operator and other responders to get a good understanding of the incident, the form should be completed, and submitted.

Using the Video Streaming Feature

You can provide the dispatch operator with a live video feed of the incident by tapping the yellow video recorder icon.

Video streaming starts and you can see the video feed on your screen.

Tap on the video image to enlarge it. You can also tap the Camera icon at the top left of the video streaming image to reverse the cameras on your mobile device, or tap the Stop icon located at the bottom right of the video streaming image to stop the video stream.

Reporting Method

Once the incident location, incident type, and incident details have been entered into the app, users can report the new incident.

Tap Send to display the incident send options.

Select one of the following options for submitting your incident report:

  • Send Report:  Sends the incident to the dispatch operator without dispatching any specific responders. The dispatcher operator receives the incident alert and manages the incident as if it was a new incident opened in the Incident Manager in Dispatcher.

  • Self Dispatch: Tap Self Dispatch to report the incident to the dispatch center, and advise them that you are responding to the incident. You must have Self Dispatch to Reported Incident permissions to use this option 

  • Auto Dispatch:- Tap Auto Dispatch to activate the dispatch protocols for the selected incident type. All resources that are included in the dispatch protocol are  dispatched to the incident. The dispatch operator receives the incident alert and can choose to send additional resources if necessary. You must have Auto-dispatch Reported Incident permissions to use this option.

The app reports the incident and a pop-up appears confirming that the new incident has been reported successfully. The pop-up confirmation gives you the option to call their assigned control center or to return to the Home screen.





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