Channels (PTT) is a NowForce add-on feature that allows you to chat vocally with other users from your organization, based on your group relation.
The system provisions a PTT channel for each group in the organization, allowing group members to voice chat (and text) with each other on that channel. Users (dispatchers and mobile users) can also create their own group channels and start chatting with other users.
The feature is relevant only for Responder/Supervisor and Dispatcher profiles.

The PTT feature is an add-on feature. Please contact us if you want to add it to your organization.
Click the following links to learn more about:

  • Using the Channels (PTT) feature for Dispatcher, click here
  • Using the Channels (PTT) feature in the Mobile Application, click here.
  • Creating new groups and chats, click here.
  • Adding the Channels (PTT) Permission, click here.
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