Channels PTT is an add on feature that enables users to communicate via voice chat (Push-to_Talk radio style) with other groups in the organization.
The system provisions a PTT channel for each group in the organization enabling group members to voice chat (and text) with each other on that channel. Users (dispatchers and mobile users) can also create their own group channels and start chatting with other users.
The feature is only relevant for Responder/Supervisor and Dispatcher profiles.

The PTT feature is an add-on feature. Contact us if you want to add it to your organization.

The Channels Panel

Dispatch operators have access to the channels of all groups under the jurisdiction of the control center to which they belong (meaning all groups visible in the control center ). They also have access to the channels of all groups of which they are a member. Having access to these groups and channels means that they can also create new chats in any of these groups.
To open the Channels panel, click the Open Panels icon in the toolbar, and select Channels.

Note: If you do not see the Channels icon on the list, your organization has most probably not activated this feature. Contact Customer Support to add this feature to your organization.

The Channels panel opens showing a list of all channels to which Dispatcher has access.

Important: If the Channels panel is not open, you will do not hear or receive any notification of a new incoming voice communications. 

Click a group name to display all the information about the channel. With this group selected, the dispatch operator can communicate a message (voice or text) to that channel.

After selecting a group's channel you can click Less at the top of the panel to close the information pane. Click the group name again to open the information pane.

When the information panel is open,click the Conversation tab to see a list all previous voice and text messages. Click the Play icon to replay any voice message.

Click the Members icon to see all the members of the group's channel.

Note: A group member only appears in the channel list after logging-in to the app for the first time.

Transmitting a Voice Message

To transmit a voice message on one of the channels, click the Microphone icon on the blue ribbon at the bottom of the screen. The Microphone icon turn green, and the name of channel to which you are transmitting is displayed on the blue ribbon:

When you begin transmitting your message, all the members of the channel, who are currently logged in, automatically hear it.

After you finish transmitting, the voice message is added to the conversations window and can be played-back:

Receiving Incoming Voice Messages

When another member of the channel transmits a message, you automatically hear it. A red strip showing the group and name of the person transmitting the message appears at the bottom of the Channels panel.
You can click on the Pause icon if you don't want to hear this specific message at that time. You can always re-play it later.

Bear in mind that you only hear the communications if the Channels panel is open, even if it is currently not visible at the top of your PC's desktop..

Muting Channels

You can chose to mute all channels by clicking the Red Circle icon on the blue ribbon, or mute selected channels by clicking the Speaker icon on the blue ribbon or the Speaker icon next to the selected group in the groups list.

Sending a Text Message:

To send a text message, write the message in the text box at the bottom right of the screen, and click  the arrow next to it.

To learn how to create new groups and chats, click here.
For information about Sending PTT messages from the mobile application, click here.

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