Channels PTT is an add on feature that enables users to communicate via voice chat (Push-to_Talk radio style) with other groups in the organization.
The system provisions a PTT channel for each group in the organization enabling group members to voice chat (and text) with each other on that channel. Users (dispatchers and mobile users) can also create their own group channels and start chatting with other users.
The feature is only relevant for Responder/Supervisor and Dispatcher profiles.

Responders have access to channels based on the groups to which they belong. In addition, supervisors also have access to channels based on the control centers to which they have access (meaning all groups that fall under the jurisdiction of the control center).

Opening the Channel feature

The Channels feature is located on the app menu. Tap on the Menu icon in the upper left corner and then tap Channels.

The Channels screen opens listing the all the group channels to which you have access.  

Tap one of the groups to see all voice and text messages in that group. You can hear the voice messages by tapping the Play icon on the right of a user name.

Transmitting a Voice Message

To transmit a voice message tap the Microphone (PTT) icon in the center of the blue ribbon at the bottom of the screen, and start speaking.
Note: When you are transmitting your message, the Microphone icon changes to green, and the name of channel to which you are transmitting also appears.

Your message is automatically heard by all all members of the group's channel who are currently logged in.

After you finish transmitting, the voice message is logged to the conversation screen.

Sending a Text Message

To send a text message, type the message at the text box and tap Enter (Arrow) icon:

Incoming Voice Message

When other members of the channel transmit a message, it is automatically received and plays on your mobile device. At the same time, the PTT icon next to the relevant group and the Microphone icon on the blue ribbon both turn red. A red strip who is currently speaking and in which channel also appears at the bottom of the Channels screen.

If you want to mute a specific channel, tap the relevant group to enter the channel and then tap the Pause icon. You can re-play this message later.

When a member of a channel transmits a message, you  also receive a text notification. Tap the notification to open the group's channel.

New Text Message:

When member of the group channel sends a text message, all other members receive a sound alert and a text notification showing the name of the relevant channel. Tap the notification to open the channel and view the message.

Muting Channels

You can mute (or un-mute) all channels by tapping the Mute All icon on the Channels screen.

You can mute selected channels by tapping the Speaker icon on the blue ribbon or next to the selected channel on the groups list.

Note: If you mute a group you do not hear voice messages nor do you receive a text notification. You still get alerts and text notification of text messages.

You can mute the text message alerts (sounds and text notifications) by tapping the Bell icon at the blue ribbon or next to the selected group at the groups list


The example below shows the following:

  • The Supervisor and Rangers group channels are muted and you do not hear voice messages for these channels.

  • The Students group has text message alerts muted, meaning you do not receive text message alerts (sounds and text notifications).

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