We are happy to announce the release of NowForce Dispatcher Version 5.12, which includes the following features and changes.

User Interface Map Changes:

In this version we redesigned the map panel in order to significantly improve Dispatcher performance and support real-time location updates of moving objects.

Users on the map will now have only the Username displayed under the User Icon.

Clicking on the User icon will open a detailed popup window will with all the user's info (including availability):

Users that are attached to a Unit, will not be displayed as Users on the map, but only as part of their Unit (meaning, they will not be displayed as part of Active/Available Users if checked at the 'Map Settings'). By clicking on the Unit icon, a detailed window will open with all the unit info (including the Unit Members):

If a user activates an SOS, the username will be displayed in Red. (The SOS icon will not be displayed on the map as it was in previous versions): 

Map Clustering Zoom Level:

Map Clustering Zoom Level is a new config, which allows the organization's administrator to decide at what map zoom level the users/incidents/units icons will be seen on the map clustered as a group:

The Map Clustering Zoom Levels can be between 0 to 20, where 0 means maximum map zoom out and 20 means maximum map zoom in.
For example, if we set Map Clustering Zoom level to be 2, we will see users/incident/units clustered only when the map is almost at its maximum zoom out. If we will be at a higher zoom level, we will not see them clustered, but we will see each icon on the map.

How to set the Map Clustering Zoom Level?

Go to the 'Dispatcher Manu', click on 'Settings'->'Organization':

At the next window, click on the 'Config' tab:

Scroll down to the 'Mapping and Location' section:

Click on 'Edit' at the end of the row, write the Zoom Level you want, and click on 'Save':

Note: Low Map clustering Zoom Level can damage the dispatcher performance.

Push-To-Talk (PTT)/Channels feature:

Channels (PTT) is a NowForce add-on feature allowing users to communicate among each other in Push-to-Talk radio style. The voice is transmitted over IP in near to real-time speed.
A separate channel is provisioned for each group in your organization. Group members are able to voice chat (and text) with each other in that channel.

For more info about the PTT, please click here

Version 5.12 also includes many performance improvements and bug fixes to the NowForce Dispatcher.

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