Forms are pre-configured digital documents that are associated with an asset type to give the users (dispatchers and/or mobile app users) specific information about the asset. Each asset type has one form attached to that sis appears in the Asset Form tab. The asset form and its information is accessible and can be edited by any user with the correct permissions (dispatchers and/or mobile app users).
The procedures described in this article are a continuation of the procedures described in Creating and Editing Form Templates.

Searchable Fields

To facilitate the Asset Lookup mobile module you can define fields that are searchable. For example, if you define a white list of vehicles, you can define the number plate field as a searchable field so that you can search for vehicles by number plate, as shown in the following example.

Note: You can only make Text Box or Text Area fields searchable (although the system allows you to select other field types).

Saving the Form Template

After making you changes, click Save to save the form template.

Assigning a Form to Asset Types

Once the form has been created it can now be assigned to an Asset Type.
For details on how to assign a form to an asset type, see Defining Asset Types.
The following is an example of a form that has been assigned to an asset.

To learn more about Assets, click here.

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