Incident Type can be associated with more than one Form Template, where an Administrator can predefined each Form Template to be available only to specific groups.

This will allow both the Dispatchers and Responders to pick from the incident form drop-down list the most relevant Form Template and/or duplicate an existing form if needed. For instance:

  1. Multiple Responders in the same incident can fill separate forms one for each. 
  2. Multiple “customers” in the same incident (i.e. separate forms for each person involved in the same accident).

Incident Form Tab:

The Form tab, allows dispatchers to share additional information with responders and other dispatchers managing the incident.
In the form tab the dispatcher will see all the Form Templates he can view, edit and/or duplicate based on his group relation, and will be able to chose which Form Template he wants to fill in or duplicate.

The number of the Form Templates associated with the incident is written in the Incident tollbar, and will be updated when a user (dispatcher or mobile user) duplicates Form Template:

How to Chose a Form Template to fill:
All the incident's available Form Templates will be displayed in the drop-down list of the 'Select Form' field, by clicking on one of them the relevant Form Template will be displayed and you will be able to edit it:

Remember: each user will see and will be able to edit only the Form Templates which he has an access to based on his groups relation and the incident type permissions.

How to Duplicate a Form Template :
By clicking on the '+' sign next to the form template drop down list, you can duplicate one of the From Template available for you:

Note: Only Dispatcher with the right permission will be able to duplicate form templates.
To learn more about it, please read the article 'What is the Multi Forms feature?'

Name and Creator of the Form Template:
Each new form template is tagged with name of the form template and the name of its creator (the user who opened the Incident, or the user who duplicated one of its form temples) and where predefined by the Administrator - the form template’s name can be automatically defined by the text entered into the form title field:

Mandatory Field:
Each Form Template can be defined (by the administrator) with mandatory fields. All mandatory fields of all the Form Templates need to be filled in in order you will be able to close the incident.

Note: a responder user will be able to report 'Done' in an incident only if all mandatory fields in the original Form Templates of the incident, and all mandatory fields in the Form Templates he created (i.e duplicated) were filled.

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