The Asset Lookup feature enables mobile users (Responders and Supervisors) to search and perform actions on Assets in the system, to add log entries or create new incidents associated with the asset. For more information on assets, see Managing Assets.

Once granted these permissions, authorized users can perform the following actions:

  • Add a textual log entry to the asset history log. The log entry is automatically registered with a timestamp and the user’s current location. 

  • Create a new incident at the asset’s location. This action opens the Reporter module on the mobile device, with the asset’s location set as the reported address.

  • Create and add a new asset, if the Asset search failed to retrieve a relevant result (currently available only for iOS).

  • Edit the asset form.

To configure asset lookup permissions:

  1. From the Dispatcher main screen, click Settings (located at the top left of the screen).

2. Click Permissions.

3. Select the profile to edit and click Edit.

4. Click Edit again, and scroll to the Other app modules section.

5. Select the required asset lookup permissions from the following options:

  • Add/Edit asset: Enables users to add assets (currently available only for iOS devices) and/or edit the asset form.

  • Asset lookup - All organization Assets: Enables user to search and view all assets in their organization.

  •  Asset Lookup - only Assets in User's personal geofence: Enables users to search and view assets based on their personal geofence, meaning the geofence listed in the User Residence Areas section in the User Management window. 

If a user has this permission, they can only search and view assets in the designated area. In the above example, the user can only search and view assets in the New York geofence.

  • Asset Lookup - modify time or location Asset log update: Enables users to change the timestamp and location of the reported log entry.

A profile must include one of the following permissions if you want to enable the relevant users to use the asset lookup feature:

  • Asset Lookup - All organization Assets

  • Asset Lookup - only Assets in User's personal geofence

6. Click Confirm to close the permissions settings window.
7. Click Save to save your changes to the profile. 

For more information on using asset lookup on your mobile device, click here.

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