Channels PTT is an add-on feature that enables users to communicate with members of other groups in the organization via voice chat (Push-to-Talk audio) or text.

The PTT channels are divided to three main categories:

  1. The Groups channels category allows users associated in any given group to communicate with members of the group. In this category the groups are mostly static and change only when a user is added or removed from the group.
  2. In the Incidents channels category, the channels are constantly created and modified according to real-time dynamic developments of the Incidents. 
  3. The Chat channels category (subject of this article) allows users to create and modify their own personal chat group whether one-on-one or multiple users.

Creating a personal chat channel in the dispatcher

  1. Open the Channels panel, as described here.
  2. Select the Chat tab, and click +New Chat.

3. In the New Chat panel, type a user name in the Add Users text box.
4. From the list of names that are displayed, select the required name.
5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to add all the users to this chat.
6. In the Chat Name text box, enter an name for the new chat.

7. Click OK to save your new chat.
The new chat, together with number of users in the chat and the chat creation time, is added to the Chat tab.
8. Click the chat name to open the Chat Details panel.

The Chat Details panel has the following tabs:

  • Conversations: Enables you to send and receive text messages to and from chat members. This tab retains a complete thread of all text messages in the chat.
  • Members: Lists the members in the group.

9. Click the menu button on the right of the group name to display the Edit Chat and Delete Chat menu options.

10. Click Edit Chat to open the Groups panel, where you can add or delete users to and from the chat, and/or change the name of the chat.

11. Click Delete Chat to delete the chat and its contents.

Note: The dispatch operator can only add users who are under the jurisdiction of the control center (members of groups under the jurisdiction of the control center).

To learn how send voice and text messages in a chat, how to mute a chat and much more about using the PTT channel in Dispatcher, click here.

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