We are happy to announce the release of NowForce Mobile Application which includes the Two Factor Autehentication and a new look to the app menu screen.

Two Factor Authentication:

The Two Factor Authentication will allow to verify  the app user identity when logging into the app, and can give you an extra layer of security.
After the app user will enter his credentials, a text and/or email message with a code (six digits number) will be sent to him to verify his identity:

Text message for example:

The app user, will need to enter this code in the window that will pop up after entering his credentials and click on send:

After entering the code, the user will login to the app.

The Two Factor Authentication is a permission that can be set by the administrator. To learn how to add this permission, please click here.  

New Look to the Menu Screen:

In the new Menu Screen, the 'Settings' and the 'Support' buttons are now being displayed at a ribbon in the bottom of the screen, next to them a new Video Tutorial Button, which will play the SOS Tutorial Video by clicking on it:

These versions also include bugs fixes in the SOS video for Android and locations issues for iOS.

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