We are happy to announce the release of NowForce Dispatcher Version 5.17. The main focus of this version was the new Resource Geofence Status Monitor, UI improvements in various modules and bugs fixes.

New Login Screen:

To enhance security and data protection, the login screen is now split into two stages - first, enter UserName and click 'Next':

then, enter password and click 'Log In':

We also added a ('I am not a robot') method that will trigger If a user attempts to switch login credentials.

Main Screen Tool Bar

As part of our ongoing UI improvements, we have done some changes in the layout of the main operations screen top toolbar: 

  • The 'Open Panels' dropdown button is now adjacent to the panel icons located to the left of the center of the toolbar.
  • The Arrange Layout button remaines in the same dropdown list. However, as mentioned it is now located towards the center.
  • The panel buttons are now active - clicking on them will open/close the various panels. The panel icons will be blue when the panel is open or grey when the panel is closed.
  • We added full support of the top toolbar for customers working in RTL (right to left) mode:

Resources in Geofences Status Monitor:

The Resources in Geofences Status (RiGS) Monitor is intended to provide the Dispatcher with an interactive real-time snapshot view of all available resources' statuses in any given area. The new RIGS panel monitors all the geo-based entities of the system: Incidents, Responders, Reporters, Units, Assets, POIs & geo-based Alerts.
The RiGS Monitor is modular, dynamic and interacts directly with the map allowing the Dispatcher to chose on which areas and what type of Resources to focus. 

To learn more about the RiGS Monitor, please click here.

Incident Panel

  • New configurations allow the Administrator to chose whether the 'Source' and 'Control' columns in the Incident panel will display full name or only initials and phone icon (where applicable).

Full name:

Initials only:

These configurations can be found in the 'System Configuration' setting page (under the 'Organization' section in the 'Settings Pages'), in the 'Open and Manage Incident' section:

  • Video Icon flashes when live video is streaming in an Incident:

Incident Management window:

The dispatcher can now access the full details of the incident caller directly from the incident popup or from the incident basic details tab.
Clicking on the new "head" icon will open the User management window.
This feature is especially relevant in SOS incidents when as many details of the person in distress are needed. 

New Incident Popup:

Incident Management window:


  • Creating incidents based on Asset locations
    Dispatcher can now create a new incident from the 'Assets' tab based on Asset's location:

When clicking on the New incident icon, a new incident will open with the asset's location as the incident address.

To learn more about Creating new Incidents, please click here.

  • Assets Operational Statuses
    The dispatcher can now define for each Asset its Operational Status. There are 4 operational statuses: Fully Operational, Partially Operational, Not Operational or No Status.
    This feature can be relevant in many occasions - for instance, when sending teams to assess multiple Assets in a natural disaster region or when running an asset assessment & recovery operation. 
  • These operations statuses are reflected in the new Resource in Geofence Status Monitor described above.
  • Asset Type "Searchable in Mobile" option - When an Administrator creates a new Asset Type, he can decide whether the asset type is searchable (or not) in the Asset Lookup module in the mobile app (i.e. allows to "hide" information of Asset Types you do not want the mobile users to access):

To learn more about assets, please click here.

Incident Settings - New UI for the Incident Forms tab:

The incident settings forms tab has a new UI design:

To attach a new form template to the Incident Type - click on 'Add'.
To Edit, Delete, View or Save a from template, stand on the relevant form template and click on the action you wish to do.

Security Configurations - Session Expiration

The Session Expiration configuration determines the time interval for session expiration of logged-in Dispatchers. The time interval is measured from the last active action in the system (i.e open a panel, click on a linked icon etc). 

Before the session expires and 'kicks out' from the Dispatcher, a popup warning message will appear:

The session expiration time interval can be configured in the 'System Configuration' setting page under the 'Security' section:

In our upcoming release we will further enhance the new Resource in Geofence Status Monitor with many more features providing the Control Center with a modular, dynamic and comprehensive situational awareness monitor.
Also, we will soon release (both on mobile and Dispatcher) a revised Escort Me module allowing organizations to monitor in real time all mobile users activating the Escort mode.
We look forward to your feedback both on new and existing features. We constantly incorporate customer feedback and new ideas into our development road map.

NowForce Support & Product Team

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