We are happy to announce the release of NowForce Mobile Application which includes these new features:

Channels (PTT) - Incident Channels for App users

The incident PTT Channels module allows Dispatchers, Supervisors and active Responders to chat in a designated incident PTT Channel. The incident PTT channel will be provisioned automatically once any Incident participant (Dispatcher, Supervisor or Responder) clicks on the PTT button. The designated channel will remain available as long as the incident remains open and there are active Responders in the incident.

To learn more about Incident Channels for App users, please click here.

Supervisor Interactive Map

We have redesigned the Supervisor map. It is now fully interactive and includes all dynamic entities - Responders, Reporters, Units, Incidents, POI.
The Supervisor map can be accessed either by tilting the phone to landscape position or through the 'map' button in the main menu. 

On the Supervisor map there are 3 hovering buttons:

  1. Setting button allow to pick the map type (street, satellite, hybrid, traffic). 
  2. Center button will center the map on the user's known location.

3. Filter button allows to define which entities are displayed.

Assets Near Me

We added to the Asset Lookup module a new search mode - 'Assets near me'.
Clicking on the 'Assets near me' button will retrieve from the server all Assets near the app with their relative distance.
Note: only Asset Types defined by Admin to be 'Searchable by Mobile' will be displayed.
For further information on Asset Lookup - click here.

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