We are happy to announce the release of NowForce Dispatcher Version 5.18, which includes these new modules:

Resources Panel:

The new Resources Panel provides the Dispatcher with thorough and detailed information regarding all available resources in a specific area (geofence/polygon). Along with the Resources Monitor, the Resources Panel provides the Dispatcher with a powerful situational awareness geo-based tool to monitor and assess the current situation of all types of organization entities: Incidents, Responders, Reporters, Units, Assets and POIs:

To learn more about the Resources Panel, please click here.

Incident Dispatch Rules:

As part of our ongoing UI improvements, we are introducing a new graphic interface to the Incident Dispatch Rules page. In the new 'Dispatch' tab, you can now add or modify the incident dispatch rules:

To learn more about dispatching rules, please clicke here.

Note: The settings for Incident Dynamic Statuses currently remains in its previous location, and now named 'Incident Statuses':

Version 5.18 also includes bug fixes to the NowForce Dispatcher.

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