The Resources panel provides the dispatch operator with thorough and detailed information on all available resources in a specific area (geofence/polygon). Along with the Resources Monitor, the Resources panel provides the dispatch operator with a powerful situational awareness geo-based tool to monitor and assess the current situation of all types of organization entities: Incidents, Responders, Reporters, Units, Assets and POIs:

How to open the Resources Panel?

  1. From the Dispatcher toolbar, click Resources
  2. In the Areas field, enter the polygon name of the area you want to monitor. 

You can also open the Resources panel directly from the Resource Monitor. Both options open the Resources panel with the relevant polygon selected.

  1. Click one of the resources cells in the relevant polygon, and select View Details

2. Click an incident in the polygon on the map, and select Details.

Resources Panel Overview

The Resources Panel includes the following elements:

The Resources panel shows the following information about all the resources in a selected area:


  • Responders/Reporters in Area: Lists the responders/reporters, grouped by user role, showing their last location inside the selected area. 
  • Location of Local Responders/Reporters: Lists the responders/reporters, grouped according to their last location (In/Out of area or Unknown Location), for whom the select area is defined as their User Residence Area (in the User Management window).  

Note: 1. Users with no role are grouped under No Role Defined.
          2. Users with more than 1 role are listed under each of their roles.

The tabs in the Resources panel are from left to right: 

  • Responders: See above.
  • Reporters: See above.
  • Units: All available units and their members with last location inside the selected area, clustered by Unit type.
  • Assets: All available assets inside the selected area clustered by Asset type.
  • POI: All available POIs inside the selected area, clustered by POI tag.
  • Incidents: all incidents inside the the selected area, clustered by incident type.

Each resource entity is marked with colored dot (Green/Orange/Red) according to the current entity status (based on the Resource Monitor gauge).

To learn more about the Resource Monitor, please click here.

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