The new Resources Panel provides the Dispatcher with thorough and detailed information regarding all available resources in a specific area (geofence/polygon). Along with the Resources Monitor, the Resources Panel provides the Dispatcher with a powerful situational awareness geo-based tool to monitor and assess the current situation of all types of organization entities: Incidents, Responders, Reporters, Units, Assets and POIs:

How to open the Resources Panel?

You can open the Resources panel from the dispatcher upper tool bar by clicking on the 'Resources' icon, start typing a polygon name to select an area to monitor:

You can also open the Resources Panel directly from the Resource Monitor:

  1. Click on one of the resources cells in the relevant polygon->'View Details': 

2. Click on the polygon on the map->'Details' icon:

Both ways will open the Resources Panel with the relevant polygon selected.

Resources Panel Overview:

The Resource Panel includes the following elements:

The Resources Panel displays detailed information about all the resources in a chosen area:


  • Responders/Reporters in Area - Responders/Reporters with last location inside the selected area, clustered based on user role.
  • Location of Local Responders/Reporters: Responders/Reporters which the selected area is their 'User Residence Area' (in the User Management window), clustered based on their last location (In/Out of area or Unknown Location).

Note: 1. Users with no role, will be clustered under 'No Role Defined'.
          2. Users with more than 1 role, will be displayed under all their roles.

Units: all available Units and their members with last location inside the selected area, clustered by type.

Assets/POI: all available Assets/POI inside the selected area, clustered by type.

Incidents: all incidents inside the the selected area, clustered by incident type.

Each resource entity is marked with colored dot (Green/Orange/Red) according to the current entity status (based on the Resource Monitor gauge).

To learn more about the Resource Monitor, please click here.

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