We are happy to announce the release of NowForce Dispatcher Version 5.20, which includes these new modules:


The Units module allows organizations to link together multiple users (unit members) and manage them under one unified entity. Each individual unit inherits its attributes and behavior from the Unit Type settings (defined by the Administrator) and from the settings of the specific Unit.  In this version we made significant changes and added new features to the the Unit module:

Unit Types Setting page:

Unit Types are created (and edited) in the Unit Type settings page:

Unit Type Quota Values:
Administrator can set for each Unit Type the required quota for the unit's members (how many members with specific Groups/Roles/Equipment):

Also, the Administrator can define for each Unit Type a required quota for equipment installed on the unit itself (not linked to any specific member):

Unit Type Statuses:

Administrator can now create custom-made statuses for each Unit Type. For each status, the Admin must define if it is an active or inactive status.

Changing a specific Unit status in the Units panel:

Define Units Search Filters:

Dispatcher can now create and define filters in the Units panel and save them for future use:

New Map Permission - Access to Map Panels

Administrator can now decide whether a dispatcher user profile will have access to see the Map Panels (map panel in the main screen and map window in the incident management window).
This permission can be found under the 'Dispatcher' section in the 'Permissions' Settings page: 

Note: this permission will not influence the maps that are displayed in the settings pages. User with settings pages permissions will see all maps in the settings pages, even if he doesn't have the 'Access to map panels' permission.

New Permission for Responder - Access to Incident Journal

Administrator can now decide whether a responder user profile will have access to see the Incident Journal in the app. Responder without this permission will be able to see in the main app screen all the incident he is responding (as it was so far), but he will not have the incident module in the main screen:

This permission can be found under the 'Reponder/Supoervisor' section in the 'Permissions' Settings page:

PTT for SOS Users

SOS user can now be part of the SOS incident PTT channel when activating an SOS. The SOS user can send and receive PTT messages until he cancels the SOS activation:

Dispatcher Alerts - New alert for Messages

Administrator can now setup alerts (sound alert and/or desktop alert) for new incoming messages:

The new alert can be setup in the Alerts Settings:

Note that this alert will apply for all messages that will be sent in the control center (i.e. dispatcher will receive the alert even if a message was sent to responders for example).

To learn more about the Alert Settings, please click here

Form Templates

Visible Field (pre-conditioning)

"Visible Field" - When creating a new form template, Administrator can define one field do be visible based on the content of other fields:

To learn more about Creating and Editing Incident Form, click here.

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