We are happy to announce the release of NowForce Dispatcher Version 5.21, which includes these new features and modules:

New methods for defining location of Incidents:

The Dispatcher can now decide for each incident if its location will be a fixed (static) address or if it is moving (dynamic) following the location of a User, Unit or the incident's Reporter (Caller).

When choosing the 'Follow' location method, the Dispatcher is required to pick the entity to be followed (User, Unit or the Incident's Reporter/Caller) and to set the threshold  to define the sensitivity (in distance units) for which to update the incident location:

To use this new incident location method, you would need to enable this option in the System Configuration Setting Page.

Units - Unit Movement Pattern

You can now define for each Unit its expected movement pattern in the Unit's Location tab:

  • Static Post - for a static unit, such as guard or guarding tower at one fixed post.
  • Route - for a unit expected to follow a route of two or more locations (way-points). 
  • Free Movement within Geofence -   for a unit or team expected to move freely as long as it doesn't exit a geofence.

For each movement pattern the system allows to define thresholds (in time of distance) that will trigger alerts for units not adhering the the planned movement pattern.

When mouse hovering on the Location column on the Units panel,  a popup will appear displaying the Unit's recent locations. Dispatcher can also chose to display on the map the Unit's current location and/or expected location:

Default Map Center and Zoom Level of a Dispatch Center

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the UI of the Setting Pages, we designed a brand new UI for the Default Map Center and Zoom Level Page:

In the Map Zoom setting page, the Administrator can set default focal point and zoom level of the map for each Control Center. This will define which map area is displayed when logging in to a Control Center.

To learn more about the Map Zoom Setting page, please click here.

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