You can edit and delete groups.

Editing Groups

You edit groups from the Settings screen.

To edit a group:

1. On the Dispatcher screen, click Settings (located at the top left of the screen), to open the Groups page

The Groups page opens.

2. Hover your cursor over the group you want to edit to show the Action menu for that group.

3. Click Edit Group to open the Group Management wizard.

4. Edit the information on the General or Members tab, as described in Creating New Groups.

Note: You can see technical information about the creation of the group at the bottom left of the General tab.

Deleting Groups

To delete a group:

  1. Open the Groups page and locate the group you want to delete, as described above.

  2. click Delete Group to delete the selected group. 

You can only delete a group if all the members of the group are also members in at least one other group, since each user must be a member of a group.
If you try to delete a group that includes users who have no other group association,  message similar to the following message appears

Note: Creating, editing or deleting groups can only be performed when you, the Administrator, is logged in to the main Control Center. Group Settings are not accessible in secondary Control Centers. 

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