We are happy to announce the release of NowForce Mobile Application version 4.5.36 which includes these new features:

New UI for the SOS screen:

In the new interface for the SOS screen, the screen is divided to 2:

  1. Map and chat.

  2. Video and PTT (based on permissions).

Channels (PTT) - Incident Channels for App users

The incident PTT Channels module allows Dispatchers, Supervisors and active Responders to chat in a designated incident PTT Channel. The incident PTT channel will be provisioned automatically once any Incident participant (Dispatcher, Supervisor or Responder) clicks on the PTT button. The designated channel will remain available as long as the incident remains open and there are active Responders in the incident:

To learn more about Incident Channels for App users, please click here.

PTT for SOS Users

SOS user can now be part of the SOS incident PTT channel when activating an SOS. The SOS user can send and receive PTT messages until he cancels the SOS activation:

New Permission for Reporters - Fixed Location and Offline statuses :

Active Reportes can now, as Responders, change their location to 'Fixed' or change their status to 'Offline' if they are given the permissions.  

To read more about the Fixed Location feature, please click here.
To read more about the Offline Status, please click here.

New Permission for Responder - Access to Incident Journal

The Incident Journal will be displayed in the Responder app based on designated permission. Responders with the permission will be able to see in the main app screen only the incident they are responding, but will not have the incident module in the main screen:

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