Channels PTT is an add on feature that enables users to communicate via voice chat (Push-to_Talk radio style) with other groups in the organization.
The system provisions a PTT channel for each group in the organization enabling group members to voice chat (and text) with each other on that channel. Users (dispatchers and mobile users) can also create their own group channels and start chatting with other users.

Creating a new chat in the mobile app

To create a new chat:

  1. On your mobile app, from the menu, select Channels.

  2. Tap Chats, and then tap +Add Chat.
    The Chat Group page opens.

3. In the Group Name field, enter the name of the new group.
4. In the Search Users field, start typing the names of the users you want to add to the group, and then select the required name form the list that appears.

5. Click Save. The new group, together with number of users in the group and the group creation time, is added to the Chat tab on the Channels screen.

Note: Responders can only create new groups with users who are member in their groups. Supervisors can only create new groups with users who are member in the groups to which they have access (meaning users from all groups under the jurisdiction of the control center in which they have permissions to view).

6.  Tap the group name to open the group chat screen, where you can edit the group and users, send voice or text messages, and mute the group and chat alerts.

Deleting Groups

You can only delete the groups that you have created.
In iOS, you can delete groups by sliding the group box to the left, and tapping Delete. Tap Confirm in the Warning message to confirm that you want the group deleted.

In Android, , you can delete groups by pressing the group name for a few seconds until Delete Group appears on the screen. Confirm the deletion by tapping Delete Group.

To learn how send voice and text messages in a chat, how to mute a chat and much more about using the PTT channel in Dispatcher, click here.

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