You can personalize the displayed logo on the Dispatcher main screen, Login screen and your Responder mobile app by replacing the default NowForce logos with customized images. 

To update a logo:

  1. From the Main screen, select Settings > Organization > Logos

2. Next to the logo image you want to change, select Change.
3. Locate and select the new logo image, and click Open.

The image appears in review in the logo box.

4. Select the

to close the logos settings page and return to the main Dispatcher screen.


  • The size of the new logo image can impact the speed of the image upload.  

  • Image files must be in GIF, JPG or PNG format with a maximum size of 5MB (resolution 100 x 30px). 

  • Updates to a mobile logo occur when the mobile device next synchronizes to the server. The mobile application synchronizes automatically when a user logs in. You can manually sync by going to the Info menu on the mobile device and selecting Sync.

Key word: A_Logos


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