We are excited to share the latest updates on the Verint NowForce Version 5.4 (released to our SaaS customers in October, 2019). The new version includes new capabilities and UI improvements in multiple modules of the Verint NowForce platform. Some of the following features have accompanying features detailed in the NowForce mobile app release notes.

Point-to-point (Origin-Destination) Incidents

You can now assign two addresses for one incident where the Responder is expected to arrive at one location and then move onwards to another location.

The Responder app now also clearly identifies the responder's initial (current) location as well as the incident's two addresses.

New UI for Control Center Settings

The Control Center Settings UI has been redesigned and now enables you to input Control Center Settings and Attributes from a single tabbed location.

For more details about the new UI read here.

Forms Barcode Scan and Match Field Type

Verint NowForce drag & drop form editor now has a new QR scan field type.  

Responders filling Incident forms can scan a barcode and the system will verify whether the scanned code matches another code.  

A mismatch generates a warning  in Dispatcher and in the Responder  app.

Search in Incident Forms

A new search category in Incidents panel, Search in Incident Forms, has been added. This feature enables the Dispatcher to locate incidents based on form content. 

Improved Visibility for Dispatcher of Forms Status 

All an Incident's forms can be accessed using the new Incident panel's form column. Hover over the form count  and the Form Status modal opens. 

You can read more about the Incident Panel here

Unit Enhancements

We have made several additions to the Units module to improve the unit dispatch behavior:

  1. Users logging out from the mobile app will be automatically logged off from the unit.
  2. All changes of unit members are logged. 
  3. An Incident Column reflecting the Unit's status in an Incident has now been added. 

Dispatch Rules for Users with Multiple Incidents (Multitasking)

The dispatch engine has new parameters enabling the system to dispatch users based not only on their current location but also on their anticipated location determined by their current incident load. 

Asset Types Management Panel

New functionality enabling customer defined Assets Types has been included in this release. 

Incident Cancellation Reason

When cancelling an incident, the Dispatcher can now add a reason.

Icon Bank Settings

The Icon Bank settings screen has been completely redesigned with new UI.


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