We are happy to announce the release of version 4.5 for Android and iPhone. This version has many new exciting features that accompany the new features announced in the recent Dispatcher release

Important notice for iPhone iOS 13

Beginning with iOS 13, apps are no longer allowed to request constant access to your location the first time you open them. Therefore, if you are running your phone on iOS 13, in order to activate ongoing tracking - you need to instruct your app users make sure the app is set to "Always" under Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Point-to-point (Origin-Destination) Incidents in Responder

You can now assign two addresses for one incident where the Responder is expected to arrive at one location and then move onwards to another location.

New mobile app status updates include EN-ROUTE and ON-SCENE for a Responder, these are numbered to indicate first and second destination points in the incident.

New User Status Filtering in Journal Screen

New filters have been included in the User Status filter in the Incidents Journal screen. Now filtering includes the new statuses: EN-ROUTE and ON-SCENE.

Edit Incident Priority Level

Supervisors now have the ability to edit an incident's priority level in the mobile application.

Your Administrator can enable this by selecting the "Ability to edit incident priority in mobile" within the Users' Permissions Profiles for Responder/Supervisors.

Default View

You can now set an a default filter for your organization. That is the default that a new mobile user will have upon logging in. The user can select a different filter, and this becomes their new default for the Journal screen.

Your Administrator can enable this by selecting the "Sort Responder Incidents by" within the Organizations' System Configuration. The setting is in the Generic section of the Config table.

Barcode mismatch alert

Responders filling Incident forms can scan a barcode with the phone camera and the app will verify whether the data of the scanned code matches the data of another field on the form (either entered manually or via a 3rd party system).  

If the two data entries don't match - then the app will display a mismatch warning.

Embedding Tutorials in the CMS page

We have recently created two new video tutorials:

These tutorials can be embedded in the mobile app under the CMS page by entering the following URL into the "Mobile CMS URL" configuration: https://img.nowforce.com/sos/sostutorialnew.html

You may also create your own dedicated web page and embed it into the app using the same method.

The CMS tutorial page is accessed in the app by clicking on the following icon located in the app main menu.

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