In addition to the general details displayed in the DETAILS tab of an incident, you can view and share additional information with Responders and other Dispatchers by using the FORM tab.

After you define the incident type, the number of form templates associated with an incident type is displayed on the FORM tab.

Dispatchers and Responders can complete forms, and Dispatchers can also duplicate forms in an incident.

Note: Only Dispatchers with the correct permissions are able to duplicate form templates. For more information on multi-forms and their permissions, click here.

To view and edit a form:

  1. In the Incident module click the FORM tab. 
  2. In the Select Form field, select the required form.

The form displays, and the contents are editable.

To duplicate a form:

  1. In the Incident Manager click the FORM tab.
  2. Click + and select the form you want to duplicate.
  3. Click Add

The number displayed on the Form tab changes to reflect the addition of a form to the incident.

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