We are excited to share the latest updates on the Verint NowForce Version 5.6, released to our SaaS customers in July, 2020. The new version includes new Licensing & Profiles management modules; new BI tools and our exciting new Policy Framework that provides the organization with multiple tools to address Covid-19 Back-to-Work challenges.

Policies - Workplace Health and Safety Solution

The new Policies Framework has been designed to assist companies pragmatically adapt to the challenging COVID-19 realities facing the workplace. Policies incorporates multi-layered features to enforce policies throughout the organization.

A modular customizable employee app with messaging, exposure detection and forms and more. The app integrates into the full capabilities of the Verint NowForce Dispatcher system, from location mapping through to secure reporting with complete privacy assurance. The new Policies feature enables your organization to holistically react and respond, effectively managing your workplace safety and ensuring all your Health and Safety Management requirements met.

Exposure Notification (Contact Tracing)

Verint NowForce is launching an Exposure Monitoring and Notification add-on integrated in the NowForce app. This tool allows organizations to monitor social interactions in the buildings and facilities while at the same time safeguarding the annonymity and privacy of the users. The Exposure Monitoring tool utilizes the Bluetooth sensors to monitor social interactions, thus making location tracking unnecessary.

Introducing Additional Licensing Options and New User Interface

NowForce has launched additional specified user licenses for mobile app users and for desktop users. The licenses can be provisioned according to your organization's specific user's requirements. The additional mobile app licenses now include diversified reporter licenses for Passive, Monitored and Engaged reporters and the Responder licenses include Basic, Advanced and Mobile Supervisor. The Desktop licenses for Dispatch Operator and Administrator have been retained.

New Profiles User Interface

The Profile settings and Permissions have been enhanced in the Profiles settings page. The renewed user interface comes with exciting new intuitive functionality, making the creation and management of your organization's profiles easier and more effective.

Dashboards - New Business Intelligence Tool

A new Business Intelligence Tool, called Dashboard, is now available as an add-on in NowForce Dispatcher. To view your organization's dashboard, select Dashboard in the Settings.

Note: This feature requires a dedicated BI license.

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