We are happy to announce the release of NowForce Dispatcher Version 5.9, which includes the features listed below.


New powerful Messaging options via Dispatcher:

Messages Templates

Message Attachments

Message Priority

Request Recipient Location Option

Survey / Multi-Answer Messages can now be selected from Messages drop down menu

Communication Options for Users

New set of Permissions added - Supervisor

Admins can now assign to Supervisor users (Users with Supervisor permission) a Control Center in their User profile - this will define which Incidents and Users they will be able to see in the Supervisor view in the mobile app (both in the Incident Journal and in the Map):

Please note that some of the new features will be available for actual usage only once the mobile apps are released.

Incident Sharing 

You can now share Incidents with other secondary Control Centers via the Dispatcher.

Dispatcher can now access a new Control tab inside the Assets tab inside the Incident Management panel:

Dispatchers in the Secondary Control Center will receive an alert when a new incident is shared with them. 

A new Alert is now available for Incident Sharing notification via the Alerts panel:

Incident Two-Steps Dispatch

A Commander in the field now have the option, via the mobile app, of dispatching additional Responders to an Incident according to a pre-defined triggers/pre-conditions.

An article explaining how to use the two-steps dispatch will be published soon.

Create new Incident Type directly from inside New Incident creation.


NowForce Dispatcher and mobile applications are now fully localized to the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Hebrew

Click here to learn how to change the Dispatcher language

Multilingual of Forms and Dynamic Statuses

Organizations interested in translating their form fields, Incident types and Dynamic statuses can contact the NowForce support team (translation entry is done in the back-end by NowForce team).

Administrators are able to preview the localized Forms from the Form setup screen.

Communication Options for Users

Bug Fixes

Sorting now works inside the Dispatch tab. 

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