Geofences are polygons (closed shapes) drawn on a map, identifying an area of interest (AOI). Specific jurisdiction related data like resources, incidents, log of activities and alerts can all be attributed to an AOI.

To create and edit a geofence, your Permission Profile settings under Advanced Settings must be selected for Add/Edit Areas of Interest. For more information on editing and adding User Permission Profile Settings click here.

To create a geofence
1. From the Main screen, select SettingsĀ > GEOGRAPHY, and then select Geofence.

The Geofence Settings table opens.

2. Select the + Add New Geofence icon.
A New AOI window opens. Default view is the Basic Details tab.
3. Insert the name of the new geofence in the AOI Name field.
4. Ensure that the Area option Shape is selected.
5. Select the Draw a Shape icon on the map. A + sign appears on the map.
6.Click the + sign at each point in the map to draw the outline of your polygon.
7. Select Save.

The next tab, Jurisdiction opens.
8. Select the Control Centers allowed to view the new Geofence
9. Select Save.
10. The next tab, Relationships opens. The tab is view only. For editing or adding users and assets to an AOI see Adding and Managing Users and Adding and Editing Assets.
12. Click on Log tab to view all activities related to the Geofence.
13. Click on Alerts tab. Select Add Geofence Alert to add a new Presence Alert by completing the fields and selecting the measurement from the drop down menu.
14. Select the Edit icon to amend the User Enter and Exit Geofence Alerts, the User's Permission Settings opens and is editable.

Also see Defining and Applying Geofences in Policies.

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