We are happy to announce the release of NowForce Dispatcher Version 5.10, which includes the features listed below. 

What's New

  • This release upgrades the POIs and Geofences' Administration Panels and also their Look and Feel. 
  • Additionally, Secondary Control Center Administrators have now Increased Capabilities with the introduction of Secondary Control Center Partitioning.
  • New SOS & Mobile Permissions Added (NOTE: will be supported in upcoming Mobile Release):
     - Edit SOS contacts is now permission based - for now on iOS only
     - New permission for Auto-dispatch SOS incidents
     - Strong password enforcement Permission Profile - iOS & Android
     - Supervisor ability to cancel incidents from mobile - iOS & Android
     - Bring App to Front After Start - Android
  • Languages: Addiontal languages have been added and are now be switched via a new drop down menu.
  • When the Dispatcher sends a new Message requesting the Recipients' Location, the Dispatcher can now see on the Messages Panel if the Recipient reported his location or not.

New POI  and Geofence Administrator Panels

For more information on how to use the new POI and Geofence Panels, please read the following article:


Secondary Control Center Hierarchy and Partitioning

NowForce system now supports increased capabilities of Secondary Control Centers, as follows: 

  • They can create and manage POIs and Geofences pertaining to their own Center.
  • They can Add and Edit Users and Assets pertaining to their own Center.

This is done through a Basic Settings of Permissions that must be granted by the Organization's Administrator.

For detailed information on how the Secondary Control Center Hierarchy and Partitioning works, please read the following article:


New Mobile Permissions Settings Available
(NOTE: will be supported in upcoming Mobile Release):

The Organization's Administrator/Dispatcher, has now a new set of Mobile Permissions to choose from.

The new SOS Permissions, if enabled by the Organization Administrator, can allow users to activate the auto-dispatch rules upon SOS activation. Also, editing personal contacts is now a Permission that has to be specfically granted to SOS users. If not, they will not be able to add/edit personal contacts. At the moment, this Permission is available for iOS users only.

Two other new Permissions that have been added is to Enforce Strong Password Policy and Bring App to Front After Restart for the Mobile Users.

Supervisor can now be granted the Permission to cancel an Incident directly from the Mobile Device.

Languages Drop Down Menu

Messages: Recipients' confirmation of Location Reported can now be seen on the Messages Panel

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