Displaying the Messages Panel

To display the Messages Panel on your dashboard click on the Arrange Layout button and check "Messages"

The Messages Panel will open

For an overview of the Messages Panel please view the following Article:

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Composing a Message

Once the Messages Panel is open, click on the Envelope Icon and choose which type of message you would like to send - a Simple Message, an Open Question Message or a Survey/Multi-Answer Message.

Note that you can also send Messages from the Users Panel by clicking on the Envelope Icon

Messages Templates

When composing a message, you can use any free text, or you can choose a template previously saved. To save a Message as a Template, compose a Message and then click on the button "Save As Template". The button is usually grey and it will turn blue and available for saving once you start typing the Message that you want to save.

Message Attachments

You can add Attachments to your Messages

Message Priority

You can choose if you want to send the Message as a High Priority Message

Request Recipient Location Option

You can request the Recepient's location

Message Expiration

You can choose if an expiration date for the Message by clicking on the Calendar icon.

Adding Users to the Message

In order to add Users to a new Message, go to the Users tab and type in the first three characters of whom you want to add to the Message. It can be a User, a Group, an Equipment or a Role.

Multiple Choice Message

On Multiple Choice Messages you can ask specific questions with predefined answers of your choice. You can add more than two answers by clicking on the "Add" button.

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