You send messages from the Dispatcher via the Messages panel.

To open the Messages Panel on your dashboard click on the Arrange Layout button in the toolbar, and select Messages.

The Messages panel opens.

For an overview of the Messages Panel read here.
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Creating Messages

You can create messages from the Messages panel, as well as from the Users panel. You can create new messages using free text or by using a template that you had previously saved.  When you click the New Messages icon in either of these panels, the following message types are available:

  • Simple Message
  • Open Question Message
  • Survey/Multi-Answer Message

To compose a message:

  1. From the Messages or Users panel, click the New Messages (Envelope) icon.
  2. From the Create a message list, select the type of message you want to create.
  • Simple Message
  • Open Question Message
  • Survey/Multi-Answer Message

The following screenshot is an example of the Compose Message window for a simple message.

Enter the contents of the message in the Message area, or select a message template from the By Template dropdown list. 

You can save the message as a template for later use by clicking Save As Template. This button is not available until you have entered text in the Message area.

Add an attachment to your message as follows:

  1. Click the Attachments tab, click Attach, and browse to the location of the attachment. 
  2. Click Open to add the attachment to your message.

(Optional) Set the message as a high priority message by selecting the High Priority check box.

(Optional) Request that the recipient send you their location by clicking the Request Recipient Location check box.

By default, the message expiration date is set at 6 days and 23 hours from the time it is sent. You can change the expiration date by selecting a new date and/or time from the respective Date and Time icons.

To add recipients to a new message, go to the Recipients tab.
In the Add User / Group / Equipment / Role text box start typing the first three characters of a user/ group/equipment/role. As you type, names that match the characters you entered appear in a dropdown list. Select the recipient from the list. Repeat this operation for recipients to whom you want to send the message.

Multiple Choice Messages

You can create messages with a question that can have multiple answers. By default there is provision for 2 answers to your question. You can add more fields if your question requires more choices. After you create all the answer fields you require, go to each field and enter the possible answers to your question. Click the X to teh right of each answer field if the field in not required.
Note: You cannot have less than 2 answer fields.



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