There can be different reasons as to why someone is not Dispatched to an Incident when they should have been.

In this article, we will concentrate on the Mobile side of the issue, and we will show you a few troubleshooting steps that you can take to see why this is happening, as follows:

Make sure the mobile phone is turned on.

Make sure the mobile phone is connected to a network (you can see the symbol of the mobile wireless or network or both).

Make sure the mobile sound is not muted and is loud enough for you to hear the Siren Ringtone when a new Incident comes in. 

Make sure that the Responder status is set to "ON CALL".

Inside the App, the icon of the Running Man should be Green as highlighted below. If it isn't, click on the icon.

After you click on the Running Man icon inside the App, you will be taken to the screen below. If it is marked as OFFLINE, turn it to ON CALL and the Running Man icon will turn from red to green.

On the Mobile Phone Settings, make sure that you allowed all Notifications and Permissions required by the NowForce App to function correctly.

Important: Please note that all the screenshots that are related to Mobile Phones were taken from a specific device. Each Mobile Phone "look and feel" varies between different models, types, manufacturers and Operating Systems versions. So please view these screenshots as general guidelines for you to know what types of settings to look for, and remember that they will probably look different on your specific phone, or might even be located under a different menu.

Look for the mobile phone Settings button.

Click on the Settings button and scroll the screen until you find the Application Manager button.

Click on the Application Manager button and scroll the screen until you find the NowForce App on the list.

Click on NowForce App and you will be taken to the following screen.

Click on Permissions and make sure everything is turned on.

Go back to the previous screen and click on Notifications, make sure the following buttons are turned on (in green).

Power Saving Settings on Android Mobile Phones.

Android Mobile Phones have a feature which forces some applications to completely shut down in order to save power and this feature is enforced differently depending on the phone manufacturer and OS version. Many times Responders stop getting Dispatched because their Android OS shut down the NowForce App. In order to make sure this doesn't happen, please do the following steps - and again remember - each mobile phone has its own "look and feel" - so search for the settings that are being described, they will not necessarily look like the screenshots or be located in the same place.

Look for the Phone Settings button and click on it:

Once inside the Phone Settings, scroll until you find the Battery button and click on it (on some Android Mobile Phones, these Settings are found under Security instead of Battery).

Once you click on the Battery button, you will be taken to the following screen, where you will see the DETAIL button. Click on it.

After you click on the DETAIL button, scroll the screen to find the NowForce App.

Click on the NowForce App and make sure the App Power Saving feature is Turned off.

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