The Dispatcher or Control Center can give responders permission to toggle between On-Call and Offline statuses. This can be a useful feature for a responder who is not on shift and does not want to receive new incident push notifications. 

It is important for the responder to make sure that they turn their status back to On-Call when their shift starts because when the status is set to Offline the responder does  not receive push notifications on new Incidents and their device does not report its location as the GPS location tracking feature is also turned off.

To set your mobile app to Offline:

  1. In the mobile app, tap the Running Man Icon to enter the Toggle screen.

The following are examples of the mobile app screens that appear if you have or do not have permissions to go offline.

2. Tap Offline to turn your mobile app offline.
3. Select the Effective for check box, and then select the number of hours before the app automatically returns to the On Call status..

Note:  When you toggle to Offline, the Running Man Icon turns red. 












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