Our newest release of NowForce Mobile App for Android includes several new features:

  • Important Push Notifications Fix.

    Some Manufacturers that use Android OS, try to save Battery by putting some Apps to "sleep" and therefore preventing users from getting Push Notifications. In order to overcome that, NowForce has implemented a fix, and it is up to you to make sure that the fix is enforced when the App is installed on your Phone, this is how:

    Usually when installing NowForce's App on your Mobile you are asked to give 5 App access to a few things on your phone (access to Camera, Media, Microphone, etc), which you must accept in order for the App to work properly.

    Now we have added two more Access types, which you must make sure you click on OK when prompted to do so during the installation process. If you don't, then the Android OS will interfere with the App and this might cause issues with Push Notifications.

    Here are the two new Access Permissions:

    NOTE: The "Stay Connected" Access Permission will be prompted twice, you have to make sure you click on OK on both times. This is the order in which they will appear.

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