Our newest release of NowForce Mobile App for iOS includes the following new features: 

  • The possibility to Passcode protect the access to more security sensitive parts of the App, more specifically, Incidents and Messages. In order to have this option available on your phone, the Dispatcher or Control Center Administrator of your Organization must grant you the appropriate Permissions.

    For more information about the Passcode Feature please read this article:

  • Sending Smart Messages from your phone, there are now three types of Messages: Simple Message (including the possibility to use pre-defined Templates), Open Ended Question Message and Multiple Choice Messages. Only a User with Supervisor Permissions can send these messages, but all Users are allowed to answer.

    For more information about the Smart Messages Feature please read this article:

  • Group Logo is now displayed next to the Organization's Logo. If a user is a member of more than one Group, than the first Group he is associated with is the one that will appear. In order for the logo to appear, the Organization's Administrator has to enable this option in the Config Panel of the Organization.

  • New Mobile Permissions.

     - Edit SOS contacts is now Permission based.
     - New permission for Auto-dispatch SOS incidents.
     - Strong password enforcement Permission Profile.

For more information on these new Permissions, please read the Release Notes of Dispatcher 5.10 at the following link:

          - Organization has now the possibility to give the Supervisor Permissions to                 cancel Incidents directly from the Mobile Device.

For more information on this feature please read the following article:



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