Passcode protection enables you to configure an extra layer of security for your mobile app, specifically to secure sensitive information such as messages and incidents.

You can only use this option on your mobile device if the dispatch operator or control center administrator of your organization has given you the appropriate permissions.

When you log in to your mobile device after you enabled passcode protection, in addition to entering your regular password, you are also required to enter your passcode pattern each time you  access your messages and your incidents.

The passcode setting has a configurable time-out, meaning that if you try to access your messages or incidents within the time-out frame, you are not be required to re-enter the passcode. But if the time-out has expired, you must re-enter your passcode to access those sections. The time-out time is configured by the dispatch operator or control center administrator according to your organization's need. If required, ask your organization administrator for the time-out time..

Setting the Passcode for the First Time

  1. On the Home screen of your mobile device, tap the Verint icon.

The Verint Situation Management Center sign in screen appears.

2. Enter your user name and password created for you by your organization in the respective Username and Password fields.
3. Tap SIGN IN.
The End User License Agreement (EULA) screen appears.

4. Tap Accept. 

The Set Your Passcode screen appears:

5. Use your finger to draw a passcode pattern, and then confirm the pattern in a second screen.
The following screenshot is an example of drawing a passcode pattern.

Your passcode pattern is set.

Accessing Passcode Protected Areas

  1. On the Home screen, tap Messages or Incidents.

The Draw your verification pattern screen appears.
2. Draw your passcode pattern, as shown in the following example.

After entering your passcode pattern, you have access to your message and incidents.

Resetting Your Passcode

You can reset your password in the mobile app.
To reset your passcode:

  1. On the Home screen, tap the Menu (three lines) icon.

  2. At the bottom left of the Menu page, tap Settings (Gear icon).

  3. Tap Edit Passcode.

The Reset passcode screen appears.

4. To reset your passcode, tap Change Passcode.
The Password Verification screen appears.

5. Enter your password, and tap OK.
6. Redraw your passcode as described above.
5. To lock your mobile device and cancel the automatic time-out setting, tap LockNow.

The time-out setting is cancelled and the next time you try to access messages or incidents on your mobile device, you are asked to enter your passcode.

Important Note: When you log out of the mobile app, your passcode is always reset, and the next time you log in to the mobile app, you must set a new passcode after you accept the EULA. You can use the same pattern again.

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