User Updates can be accessed in the mobile app with a tap on a button. User Updates can be a simple 2 word title, a text update or a responsive form. Forms are the pre-configured digital documents associated with an user update and give the users the ability to supply a complex update. If the format of an User Update is set to Form (see User Update Settings) in the General tab then it has one form attached that will appear on the users mobile app.

The user update form and its information is accessible and can be edited by any user with the correct permissions (dispatchers and/or mobile app users).

The procedures described in this article are a continuation of the procedures described in Creating and Editing Form Templates.

Customizing User Update Forms

To open the form editor:

  1. Click Settings (gear) in the upper left corner of the Dispatcher> Incidents> Form Editor.

2. From the Choose Template Type dropdown list, select the User Updates.

3. From Choose Template, either select a template to edit or select the + to add a new template.

After making your changes, click Save to save the form.

Assigning a Form to an User Update

After creating a form you can assign it to a User Update. You can do this in the User Update settings.

Select the Format of user update from the list.

For more information see User Updates.

The following is an example of a form that has been assigned to an UU in the Mobile App.

Key word: A_UserUpdate

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