Incident forms can include Dropdown Lists. These can be set to be viewable to specific user profile/s.  The lists' fields can be pre-entered manually at set-up, or alternatively field entries can be retrieved from a Web Service URL. 

This procedure assumes that you have already have an incident form template.

For more information on incident forms read Creating and Editing Form Templates.

To add a dropdown list:

  1. From the Main screen, select Settings > Incidents, and then select Forms Editor.

The Forms Editor page opens.

2. From the Choose Template Type dropdown list, select Incidents.
3. From the Choose Template dropdown list select the template you want to modify.
4. Drag the Dropdown List icon from the left side template pane into the form pane. The Dropdown List icon appears in the Form pane.

5. Click the Dropdown Icon, the Basic Settings pane opens. on the left side.
Web Service URL Entries is highlighted.

6. Insert your URL into the Web Service field or alternatively insert your Path into the Web Service Field Path field.

Examples for XML and JSON URL and Paths are shown below.


Path: /item/title

If you use this XML example, you will get a list of 4 random Entries, it is just to illustrate how it works.


Path: Counties[*].name

If you use this JSON example, you will get a list of Country Entries, it is just to illustrate how it works.

You can choose any XML or JSON Web Service URL, depending on which Entries you want the Dropdown List to have. 

NOTE: The "Path" is specific and differs from case to case. The path we gave here matches our XML and our JSON examples, but if you find a website that has a JSON or XML list that you want to use, you have to make sure you use the correct URL and also find out what is the correct Path that will lead you to the desired Entries.

7. Click Save.

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