To enable your NowForce mobile app to continue working in the background when minimized on your Android device, you must grant the mobile app Allow all the time location permission in your mobile device's settings.

To grant user location permissions

  1. On the Home screen of your mobile device, tap the NowForce icon and log in to the NowForce mobile app.

  2. Click ACCEPT on the location in background confirmation popup.

    A new Android 11 location permissions popup appears.

3. Tap Allow in settings. This opens the phone's settings screen.

4. In the Location permission settings screen, select Allow all the time.

This will enable the app to access the phone's location, even when the mobile app is in background.

5. Tap ← (back arrow) to return to the mobile app.

For Mobile App users with an Android device using a version prior to Android 11, watch this video Android Permission Settings.

Key words: A_LocationSetting

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