Indoors Positioning

The Indoors module allows you to map buildings, beacon management module, indoor user location and enhanced user dispatch engine.

Indoors Mapping Tool

You can now create a unique building POI and upload building floor plans of a multi-storied buildings in Dispatcher. You can navigate the building POI with each floor displaying on selection. When focusing the map on the building, a new floor filter bar appears on the right. Clicking on each floor button will filter the resources (Users, Assets, Units, POIs, Beacons etc.) to only see the resources on that floor.

Indoors Beacon Management Module

The new Beacons settings allow you to add and manage the beacons you have deployed in your installation and integrate them into your Nowforce system.

Once you have added your beacons, they are visible as a new layer on the map with the building mapping.

Indoors User Positioning via NowForce App

The NowForce App identifies the beacons closest to the User and calculates the User's location within the building using a trilateration algorithm. This is based on the number of beacons the user’s mobile device senses at each moment, and the strength of their signal captured by the mobile device.

Indoors Enhanced User Dispatch

A new Incident Location setting, Use Indoor Positioning has been developed to factor in the time a Responder requires to move between floors. The setting prioritizes the dispatch of Users in the same floor as the incident, even if they are further away.

Read more in the Indoor Positioning Planning and Installation Guide.

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