We are happy to announce the upcoming release of NowForce Mobile Application Version 4.2 for Android and iOS. The new version will be available for download in the next couple of days from Google Play and the AppStore.

Simplified Login

No need to select Region/Server simply use your username and password and click on Login


New Curtains for iOS

Both iOS and Android users are now able to:

Self-assign to a Unit

Automatically Switch status to Online from Offline after X hours


Users can now access messages that they read / replied to

Enhanced security

The mobile applications are now implementing the latest security enhancements complying with ISO27001

Additional Android Features

Additional features that are now also available on Android (iOS support was already added in previous releases)‚Äč

Indoor positioning

Automatic SOS activation upon SLA timeout

Flic integration for SOS activation

SONIM panic/SOS button integration

Bug fixes

In Responder - permission to view closed incidents is now working correctly

Emergency Contacts are now synced correctly with Dispatcher assets

Other bug fixes

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