Collective Actions are now Messages

We renamed the Collective Actions panel to Messages

New messaging now includes Multiple Choice questions

Dispatchers can now send questions/messages with multiple choice answers

Messaging results view

Assets lookup inside incident

You can now add an existing asset to an active incident (not just create a new one) directly from within the Incident panel.

Dispatchers can now search for Assets directly from the Global search bar

New and advance alerts configuration

Dispatchers can now receive new alerts for low battery level on mobile user devices, no communication with a mobile user and we migrated the alert for user not moving to the alert configuration screen.

Some alerts can now be configured for specific Groups:

User Relationship

You can now configure Relationships for system users (similar to Asset relationships)

Incident Paging

The Incident Panel is now using paging. The paging mechanism will allow faster loading of the incident grid, especially when organizations are handling a very large volume of calls.

Added multiple location / geofence search options to the users panel

Quick access to Incident Log

Clicking on the status columns in Incidents panel will open the Incident directly in the timetable tab

Faster Manual Dispatch

Faster manual dispatch of Users - dispatchers can search for a specific user inside the Dispatch tab (e.g. by Alias) and by clicking CTR+M the user will be dispatched to the incident.

SMS failover for Messages

Administrators can now configure if a text/SMS message will be sent as a backup for system Messages that are sent to user devices but were not received via PUSH notification.

New Permissions

Permission for viewing User groups locations on the Dispatcher map: 'Available users map layer'

Permission for Static SOS/Reporter location for SOS/Reporter users: 'User has fixed location' - if this permission is checked and the user has a 'Other' location under his profile - the SOS location (and in the next release also the Reporter location) will be set to the Other location set in his profile INSTEAD of the actual user location (this is relevant for devices that are installed in a fixed location running the SOS/Reporter app).

Strong Password Hint

When users are creating a password they will be prompt with the password restrictions (based on the organization password settings normal/strong):

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