We are happy to announce the upcoming release of NowForce Dispatcher version 5.7 which includes the following new features:

User Statistics

The user statistics show the users average time they were online. It compares the specific user to their organization as a whole.

Send Message

The new "Send Message" feature is under the "Collective Actions" panel. It allows the dispatcher to directly send a specific user(s), or group a message. For now, the collective action panel gives the dispatcher different opportunities to carry out actions like: sending messages, asking questions. This new feature also allows the user to respond to the dispatchers question.

To learn more about the collective action panel click here.

Assets Panel New Features

Within the Assets panel, you are now able to see the location and log history.

The log tab shows you the assets incident history.

User Contacts

The user contacts tab gives you the ability to associate contacts to specific assets.


Automated SMS/email incident notification to assets for each stage in the incident's "lifecycle"

Track Users

This is a new shortcut feature that allows the dispatcher to access the users location history.

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

  • New map layer – Units (layers for each unit type).
  • Security – remembering recent 6 passwords.
  • Initial ETA in new timetable (estimated time of arrival at time of dispatch).
  • Geofence/Polygon panel:  Added a refresh button.  Now supports number of incidents in multiple geofences.
  • POI – we now support predefined supplementary fields for POI including auto-complete.
  • Fixed an issue when users without group appears in all Control Centers.
  • Fixed an issue when Incident assets did not receive notification when activating an SOS.
  • Fixed an issue when trail panel expands after opening another panel.
  • Other bugs and security improvements.

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