We are happy to announce the upcoming release of NowForce Dispatcher version 5.6 which includes the following new features:

Tracking Trail

Clicking on 'Trail Panel' icon will open the map in Trail mode. This panel will allow you to set a filter and search for users to display their trail. You can select up to five users at a time to display on the map.

Assets Panel

The new Assets panel contains all of your assets (people/contacts and other types of objects) in one place.

This panel allows users to create new assets and edit existing assets.

To learn more about assets click here

Time Table

You can find the time table grid under the Log tab inside the Incident Management panel.

This table will show you the time details of users that were dispatched and who responded to the incident.

You can add a time entry by clicking on the + icon or edit/change an entry by clicking on the gear icon.

To learn more about time table click here.

Search for incidents by people or location

For an easier search and better results it is now possible to search incidents by the incident's address/POI/Geofence

In addition, you can now search incidents by a specific Responder.

Search Responders by specific parameters in the Dispatch panel

The new search filter in the Dispatch tab inside the Incident panel - will allow you to limit the search results for the Responders by using a specific parameter for example: Groups, Equipment, Phone etc.

Icon On Map

This new feature allows you to add the user's icon to display on the map.

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Prevent Administrator from deleting his own access to CC.

  • Fixed an issue when users without group appeared in all Control Centers.

  • Fixed an issue when users were dispatched to more than one One-By-One incident of the same kind.

  • All IM tabs were fixed when viewing the form tab - for closed incidents.

  • Incidents counter shows the correct number of incidents.

  • Fixed an issue when users logged out from Dispatcher center using a different language UI they were redirected to the en-US login page.

  • Reset password link, it is now working from Dispatcher login screen.

  • Other bugs and security improvements.

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