The app has been upgraded and has a fresh new look, it includes numerous improvements and allows the user to do much more.

This article will explain the differences between the old application and the new version.

Left Image: SOS App
Middle Image: SOS App + Reporter
Right Image: Responder + Reporter + SOS App

The new app features a main menu, it allows the user to navigate the application easier and faster.

  • This menu changes as the permissions change from the dispatch center.

  • For example, if you are a responder you will only have access to view the incidents panel, and the messages.

  • The dispatchers set permissions for each user.

To learn about the options of the main menu click here.

SOS on Responder app

  • On the new app, during a distress call the map will open and your current location will be displayed and shared with the dispatch center.

  • In every SOS call a chat window will open and gives the user the opportunity to correspond with the dispatch center.

Chat Feature for SOS mode

  • Only supervisors and the dispatch center have access to chat with a responder

  • A responder can only access the log, they can not chat.

Click here to find out more about activating a SOS call.

Report an Incident

Reporting on the new app (right image) displays tasks more clearly and makes it easier for the user to search for specific incidents.

  • On the new app, it allows the user to enter a more detailed location (the specific entrance, floor, or apartment number)

Click here to learn more about the new incident reporter feature.


The location of the incidents journal has changed in the new app, to access it now use the incidents button displayed on the home screen (right image below).

The new feature when the user is dispatched an incident allows the responder to see where each specific incident is on the map. The user will get a notification when they are dispatched to a specific incident, look below (right image). The incidents panel can be accessed from the home screen as well as the main menu.

Incidents Map

When three or more incidents are dispatched to the responder, they have the ability to view all incidents at once on the home screen, the map gets smaller when are the incidents are displayed on the home screen.

In Your Area feature

This feature allows the responder to see where other responders are on the map, which is displayed in the dashboard.
In the dispatch center, users have permission to see specific incidents "In your area".
This feature alllows the user to see what incidents (responders as well soon) are going on within a specific radius that is set as a permission from the dispatcher.

About Tab

The about tab allows you to send a log report to the support side as well as sync your device to update the dispatch center.


The new app availability feature is in the top right corner of the app.

By clicking on one of the three icons in the top right corner, the availability and mobility tab will open, here you can change the users availability (right image).

  • Available: Allows the user to receive alerts and broadcast their ¬†location

  • Available static: Allows the user to receive alerts but not transmit location

  • Not available: The user cannot receive alerts or broadcast their location¬†

Network Connectivity

  • When the users device goes offline the connectivity icon will turn red, signifying that they can not receive messages or be dispatched to any incident.


App users can change the type of mobility (car, by foot, bike, 4x4). When the user updates their mobility it recalculates the estimated arrival time. By clicking on the availability icons in the top right corner, the availability and mobility tab will open, here you can change the mobility.

Situation Update

In the new application, to update the dispatch center on your status, the update button is located on the home screen.

Click here to find out more on how to send a dynamic status report.


In the new application, to check view the map, click on the "map" button located in the main menu tab.


In the new application, to edit the app settings, click on the "settings" button located in the main menu tab.

Click here to see more about the settings menu. 


Within the settings menu there is a Utilities panel. This allows the user to connect to Flic. You can connect the Flic button to send an SOS call. Flic is "the wireless smart button" out more about flic by clicking here.

Tech Support

The new app comes equipped with a tech support feature. It allows the user to send messages to the support center.

Logging Out

In the new application, the user can log out through the main menu side bar.

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