Users with the reporter and responder apps, that have the "report" feature, can report new incidents to dispatchers from their mobile devices.

For Reporter app users:

Click on the "report" button and a new REPORT screen will appear

Reporting a new incident

To report a new incident, the following information is needed:

  • Incident location
  • Incident type
  • Incident details (where relevant)

Note: some of these features may or may not appear depending on the permission the user has been given by the system administrator.

The following features are permission dependent:

  • Changing the incident location
  • Self dispatch
  • Auto dispatch

Incident Location

When the new incident screen opens, by default the application uses the user's current/last known location as the incident location. If the user does not have permission to set another location for the incident, the location tool will appear slightly transparent and the function to change the address will be disabled.

Users with the permission to set a different location than their own, will have the ability to manually change the the reported address in the location tool.

To change the reported address:

1. Click the location tool to change the reported address

2. Enter the incident's correct address in the search field. The app will auto-complete various location options as the address is typed into search field

3. Select the desired address from the dropdown menu.

To reload the current location of the user, tap on the location tool and it will reset automatically.

Incident Type

To report the incident to dispatch, the user must select an incident type. To do so:

1. Below the map is a menu titled "Indicent Details" that includes the incident types predetermined by the organization. For organizations with numerous incident types, by clicking on the search tool (magnifying glass).

2. To select the desired incident, click on the incident icon.

3. After the incident type has been selected, the app will return to the incident details screen.

Incident Details

If the incident type selected has a form assigned to it, the user might be requested to fill in the incident details before reporting the incident to dispatch. Incident details aren't required in order to report an incident, but they are essential for the dispatcher and responders to receive a more detailed understanding of what is happening at the location of the new incident.

Video Streaming Feature

Users can provide dispatch with a live video feed of the incident by clicking on the yellow video recorder icon.

Reporting Method

Once the incident location, incident type, and incident details have been entered into the app, users can report the new incident.

There are three options for reporting incidents:

  • Auto Dispatch- (requires that the user have the following permission: "Show auto dispatch option when creating new incident from mobile device.") Click Auto Dispatch to activate the dispatch protocols for the selected incident type. All resources that are included in the dispatch protocol will be dispatched to the incident. The dispatcher receives the incident alert and can choose to send additional resources if necessary.
  • Self Dispatch- (requires that the user have the following permission: "Show auto dispatch option when creating new incident form mobile device") Click "Self Dispatch" to report the incident to the dispatch center.
  • Send Report- Click "Send Report" to send the incident to the dispatcher without dispatching any specific responders. The dispatcher receives the incident alert and manages the incident just as they would with any new incident opened via the Incident Manager in dispatcher

1. Based on the user permissions, click on the appropriate reporting option allowed

2. Click on the blue SEND button

3. The app will report the incident and a pop-up will appear confirming that the new incident has been reported successfully. The pop-up confirmation gives the user the option to call their assigned control center or to return to the home screen.

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