Responders with report permissions can report new incidents from their mobile devices. By default, the new incident is assigned the address of your current  location. However, if you have been assigned permissions by the system administrator to change this address, you can enter a new address for the incident.  If you have not been assigned permissions to change the address of the incident, the address box is deactivated.

When you report an incident, you must provide the following information:

  • Incident location

  • Incident type

  • Incident details (where relevant)

In addition  the permissions to change an incident address, the system administrator may also assign you the following permissions:

  • Self dispatch: You can inform the dispatch operator that as you are on the scene of the incident, you are dispatching yourself to the incident. 

  • Auto dispatch: You can dispatch other responders to the incident. 

Both the above actions are recorded in the Incident on the Dispatcher dashboard at the control center.

To report an incident in the mobile app:

  1. Tap Report in the mobile app.orFrom the Main menu, tap Report. For more information on using the Main menu, click here.

The Report screen appears showing your current location as the location of the incident.

2. (Optional) If you want to change the location address of the incident, tap the Location box and start typing the new address. As you type, the mobile app auto-complete feature, starts showing addresses matching the characters you enter. When it appears, tap the new location address of the incident.

If you want to reload your current location, tap on the Location Tool icon.

3. To continue reporting the incident, you must now select the incident type. From the Incident Details area tap the Incident Type. if you do not see the incident type displayed, use the Search box to search for the required incident type in the list of incident types created for your organization.

After selecting the incident, the Incident Details screen appears.

If the incident type selected has a form assigned to it, you are required to fill in the incident details (depending on the type of incident) before reporting the incident to the dispatch operator.
According to the type of incident, incident details may not be mandatory, however the more details you can give the dispatch operator, the better the dispatch operator will have in understanding what is happening at the location of the new incident.
4. Complete the incident details form, making sure to enter any mandatory details.
5. If you want to send live video of the incident to the dispatch operator, tap the Video Recorder icon.

Live video starts streaming to the dispatch operator.

6. Tap Stop located at the bottom right of the Video Streaming window, or located on the right of the Video Streaming message.
7. Tap in the Video Streaming window to enlarge it on your mobile device.

After completing the required information on the incident, including incident location, incident type, and incident details you can report the new incident.
8. Tap Send to send the incident report. 

Select one of the following options:

  • Send Report: Sends the incident report to the dispatcher without dispatching any specific responders. The dispatch operator receives the incident alert and manages the incident as if it was a new incident opened via the Incident Manager in Dispatcher

  • Self Dispatch: Sends the incident report to the dispatch operator and indicates to the dispatch operator that you are assigned to the incident. In order for this option to be available, you must have been assigned the Reporter permission Self Dispatch to Reported Incident.

  • Auto Dispatch: Activates the dispatch protocols for the selected incident type. All resources that are included in the dispatch protocol are dispatched to the incident. The dispatch operator receives the incident alert and can choose to send additional resources if necessary.   In order for this option to be available, you must have been assigned the Reporter permission Auto-dispatch Reported Incident.

The report is sent and the following message appears on your mobile devices.












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