When you, as a Responder, are dispatched to an incident, the Responder app opens on your mobile device providing details of the incident, as shown in the following example.

This article describes The Chat and Log tabs. For information on the:

  • Details tab, click here

  • Info tab, click here

  • Form tab, click here

The Chat and Log tabs enable you to view a history of the chats and events that occur when you , as a Responder, are dispatched to an incident. The Chat tab records the chat messages that take place between you and the dispatch operator and other responders to the incident, while the Logs tab maintains record of both the chats and the system events that you report after being dispatched to an incident.
Note: The Chat and Log tabs are only available on your mobile device while the incident is open. However, a record of the incident events and chats are still available in the Incident tab of the Dispatcher application.
The following screenshots show examples of a series of events that are recorded when you are dispatched to an incident.

In the Responder app, tap the Chat or Log tab. Initially these tabs are empty, as shown in the following examples:

By default, the Log tab does not show system events, meaning events that are automatically recorded by the system, such as dispatching you to an incident. Tap the Display System Log switch to view the system events.

Sending Chat Messages

To add a message, tap in the Enter your message box, type your message, and then tap the green arrow to send the message. You can use the built-in Speak-to-Text feature if your device supports it. The chat message now appears in the Chat tab.

Your message is also added to the Log tab. The following screenshots show the Log tab with the new message. The screenshot on the left shows the Log tab with chat messages only, while the screenshot on the right shows both chat and system messages.

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