Following the steps below will allow you to record your browser performance running the NowForce Dispatcher and send this information to our support center for analysis:

Install Speed Tracer (by Google) from the Chrome Store:

Click on FREE

Click on Add

The extension will be added to your browser.

Go to the extension by typing chrome://extensions in your navigation bar, and verify that the Developer mode is checked and that the Speed tracer extension the 'Allow access to file URLs' is checked.

Open the NowForce dispatcher (enter the URL you usually use) and when you reach the login screen, click on the button for the speed tracer extension that can be seen next to your navigation bar. A new window will pop up, showing the extension collection data. MINIMIZE the window (do not close it). On the login screen of the NowForce dispatcher, you will see a yellow ribbon under the URL address bar showing that the tab you are working on is being recorded.

Continue working with the system. When you encounter the performance issue, continue working for a couple more minutes and then OPEN the minimized tab, it should have some graphs and data in i Click on the DISK/Save icon:

This will open anew tab. In the new tab click on CTR+S as instructed or right-click anywhere in the window and select Save As. 

Save the file.

After you have saved the file, email the .HTM file to

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