The Info tab in Responder provides users with pertinent incident and contact information for the incident to which they have been dispatched.

Understanding the Info Tab

You open the Info tab by tapping the Info tab in Responder.

The Info tab opens as shown in the following example.


The Callers area shows details of the person who reported the incident. These details include the callers name and phone number, as well as any notes that the dispatch operator made while speaking to the caller.

You can call the incident caller by tapping the caller's phone number.

Active Users

The Active Users area shows details of the active users in the incident and their current statuses.

You can call an active user by tapping the active user's phone number.

Points of Interest

If the incident is located at a predefined Point of Interest (POI), the Points Of Interest area shows the POI name and assigned contact's information.

You can call the POI contact person by tapping the POI's phone number.

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