The Dispatcher panel can be customized according to your requirements. You can choose the panels to display and also arrange where you want them to appear on your screen. By default, and on first log in to the Dispatcher application, the Map panel appears in full view.

The following panels are available:

  • Maps: Shows a map view of the area in which you are located.
  • Incidents: Lists the open incidents.
  • Users: Lists the user registered in your control center.
  • Units: Lists the units you have created.
  • Assets: Lists the assets at your disposal.
  • Messages: Lists a history of the messages that have not yet expired.
  • Resources: Lists the resources available in your area or is a specified geofence.
  • Channels: Lists the PTT that have been created and also shows a history of the conversations in each PTT channel.
  • Scenarios: Lists the scenarios in the Administrator application.

There are icons for each of these panels in the Dispatcher toolbar. Click on any icon to display the respective panel. The following is an example of the Dispatcher screen showing the Map, Incidents and Users panels.

Arranging Panels

After selecting the panels to display, you can click the Arrange Layout icon in the toolbar to automatically arrange the panels for you.

You can also arrange the panels manually by dragging, dropping, expanding and shrinking each panel, as shown in the following example.

Dispatcher Toolbar

In addition to the layout buttons on the toolbar, described above, you can also use the toolbar to search, access your Dispatcher settings (if you have administrator permissions), and perform other functions (described below).

Administrator Settings

If you have administrator permissions, the Setting icon (gear icon) appears on the left of the toolbar. Click the icon to access the system settings. For more information on the various settings options in the Administrator application, see the articles in the Administrator section of this help.

Searching in Dispatcher

The Search feature enables you to search for various Dispatcher components within selected Dispatcher Panels.

The Filter option in the Search for: box enables you to set filters for the search including the panels in which you want to search. After selecting your filter criteria you can start typing your search text in the Search for: box. As you type, items that match your search appear in a dropdown below the Search for: box. Click on the item you want and the respective panel opens listing the search results that matches the text you entered.

Dispatcher Toolbar

The Dispatcher toolbar icons appear on the top right of the Dispatcher screen.

The Dispatcher toolbar icons enable you to perform the following operations:               

Connection Status: Indicates the current network status. If the network is disconnected a red line appears over the icon.

Dashboard: Opens the Dashboard module.

Alerts: Displays number of notifications and alerts that require the Dispatcher's attention. Click this icon at any time to view and modify the alert types.

New Incident: Opens the Incident Manager panel that enables you to create a new incident.

Help: Opens the Dispatcher Support Center.

User Details: Enables you to view your user details, change the language in which you want to use Dispatcher, and enables you to log out of Dispatcher.

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